Bobby Lance / First Peace & Rollin' Man (2015/02)
型番 BSMF-7513
定価 2,750円(税込2,970円)



BSMF-7513 ボビー・ランス / ファースト・ピース&ローリン・マン

1. Somebody Tell Me
2. Somewhere in Between
3. One Turn You're In One Turn You're Out
4. More Than Enough Rain
5. I May Not Have Enough Time
6. It Can't Be Turned Around
7. Brother's Keeper
8. Trouble Is a Sometimes Thing
9. Cold Wind Howling in My Heart
10. Shake Down Blues
11. Walkin' on a Highway
12. Bar Room Sally
13. Hot Wood and Coal
14. Something Unfinished
15. She Made Me a Man
16. John the Rollin' Man
17. Last Stop Change Hands
18. You Got to Rock Your Own
19. He Played the Reals
20. Tribute to a Woman